„Singing is the true first language of all human beings.“

(Yehudi Menuhin)

„Already over 20.000 € collected by singing for good causes.“

„Singing with friends...“

„Tension pulls the audience into the spell...“

(Die Rheinpfalz)

„Highly transparent lines and a very conscious shaping of tempo und dynamics...“

(Die Rheinpfalz)

„Fresh, lively and detailed.“

(Die Rheinpfalz)

We are supported by ...

Rotary District 1860

Rotary Club Frankenthal

Rotary Club Lampertheim

Rotary Club Limburgerhof

Rotary Club Ludwigshafen-Rheinschanze

Rotary Club Mannheim Rhein-Neckar

We also thank our passive members:

Dr. Ernst Bartholomé, Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Bicker, Rosemarie Kempa, Sybille Kurz, Sabine Pürzer, 
Dr. Ulf Riedel, Dr. Peter Steinberg, Artur Völker.